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  • Can I come visit to choose which rats I want?
    Sadly no, I run a closed rattery. This allows my rats to stay safe from any viruses, external parasites and other illnesses passed via air and clothes. Though if you're having trouble choosing which rats you want, I am more than happy to bring a couple for you to meet and choose from! I want adoption to be a fun and safe experience.
  • Why are your prices so high? I can buy a rat at a pet store for $5.
    A rat that you buy from a good breeder will always be more than a pet store. This is because good breeders focus more on quality than quantity. Breeders spend an extraordinary amount of time and money their rats, making sure they are the happy, healthiest, and most social rats they can be. Breeders spend time every day with the babies from the minute they are born until the day they go to their new homes. In addition to the time and money for care aspect (which most breeders have realized is inevitable). There is also the time in maintaining everything that comes along with being a responsible breeder. This includes having a well-maintained website, going through applications daily, screening potential adopters, constant research on how to keep improving rats as a species, keeping up on the new genetic information, etc. The list keeps going. It is much more time than anyone realizes :) While yes, you could grab a cheap rat from a feeder bin, but you lose out on quality and the guarantee that you the rat you are buying come from an ethical place and have been properly cared for since birth. You also end up supporting mill-like practices and Back-yard-breeding when you "rescue" rats from feeder bins or big chain pet-stores, you just give them the money to abuse 5 more rats in return.
  • How do I adopt?
    To adopt rats from us you will need to fill out an adoption application ​ We do not adopt single rats. Rats are sold only in same-sex pairs or more. We also suggest that you quarantine the new rats that you purchase from us. That is why we only adopt out in pairs, it would be cruel to leave a rat alone for weeks, no matter how much human interaction they receive. I highly recommend trios for first-time adopters, the hierarchy is more stable, if one rat gets sick then you'll only have one lone rat, not two or if one passes away you won't be stressed to find a partner for your remaining rat. ​ Our babies are ready to leave for their new homes starting at 8 weeks of age. Dwarf babies are ready to leave starting at 10 weeks of age. We start taking reservations/deposits when they are 5 weeks old after they pass temperament testing. ​ Also please make sure you send us an email or message before or after sending in the application! I do usually contact applicants but it does get away from me, so just to be safe shoot me a message. Filling out an application does not guarantee adoption. ​ We are now requiring a $20 non-refundable waitlist fee to be added to our waitlist! It will be added to your full adoption fee, you only lose out on money if you back out! ​ Click on the link below to start the adoption process: Adoption Form
  • What varieties of Rats do you offer?
    The varieties I offer right now are: Coat Type: Rex Teddy Rex Satin rex Satin Teddy Double rex Satin D-Rex Velveteen Satin Velveteen Double Velveteen Satin D-Velveteen Satin Standard smooth Harley Harley Velveteen Harley Satin Silvermane Harley Silvermane Ear Placement: Dumbo Standard Top Ear Colors: Agouti Black Russian Blue Beige Fawn Russian Beige Russian Fawn Russian Blue Agouti Mink Cinnamon C-Locus: Marten Silver (agouti)​ Black Siamese (coming soon) Himalayan (coming soon) Sizes: Standard Dwarf Markings: Berkshire (variegated & standard) Irish English Irish variegated (overmarked & undermarked) Hooded (variegated & Line) Capped (mismarked & standard) Blazed Bareback Patched DWS Downunder A rat can be a mix of any of these. Though I don't focus on the "standard" for markings, color or coat because I focus on health and temperament. I do not show breed, I breed for pets. I do breed for proper conformation to the best of my abilities as they are an important aspect of the health of the rats. A rat's temperament is not based on any of these factors and a rat that is considered "basic" could be the cuddliest and sweetest rat you've ever owned. My sweetest and cuddliest rat looks like a wild barn rat, while some of my "pretty" rats are not nearly as sweet or cuddly (This is of course anecdotal and applied to my PET rats, these are not in my breeding program.)
  • Do I want a Male or Female rat as a pet?
    Many people agonize over this question for a long time before getting rats. My feeling on this whole dilemma is simple. The sex of the animal is not the determining factor, the temperament is. The GENERAL difference between males and females are as follows... Males tend to be ever so slightly larger and considered "squishes". This is because they tend to calm down considerably after puberty and just want to cuddle up and be a lump of joy :). Males are perfect for anyone who wants a pet to take around with them, watch tv, cuddle etc. All males love a good comfy hammock any day. Females tend to be the opposite. They tend to stay active throughout their entire lives. Female rats are great for people who wants to play with them, train them, or for people that just want an animal they can play with more. The downside is that they are always playful and thus need more toys, hammocks, etc. to keep them stimulated. Babies of both sexes tend to be very active and love bouncing and playing. From the time you bring them home, their personalities will develop more and more. ​ This also doesn't apply to dwarves as both sexes tend to be energetic and playful.
  • Help! My child wants a rat?! Why not a hamster?
    Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of these pocket puppies. Rats are very sweet and affectionate, they are very smart and can learn simple tricks, they are potty trainable, they act very much like a small dog, and the best part is they are small and compact so they can live in almost any house! Rats are very easy to take care of, but they are not just a child's pet. A pet must be under the supervision of an adult. All they need is a clean cage with some toys, good healthy food and lots of love and attention :) If you cannot provide this daily then please do not bring one into your home. Rats I consider to be the best small animal for any age, while I'm not saying hamsters, and other small animals, aren't good pets, I just don't recommend them for children. Hamsters are solitary animals, that prefer dusk and nighttime, can be temperamental and overall get super stressed out at being poked and prodded by children. Rats, in my experience, are more tolerable to being held, even begging to be cuddled, will never bite unless accidental or due to illness, social, empathetic and can even "learn" to be awake according to their owner's schedule. Elk County Mischiefs will not adopt out to anyone under the age of 18 or to anyone that plans on getting a rat solely for someone under 18. The adult of the house must take full responsibility for the new animal. Their little lives depend on us, they are not a toy.
  • Why did my application get denied?
    If your application gets denied more than likely has something to do with how you care for rats and how you answered the adoption form. Maybe research more or ask me! I'm always here to help new owners learn whatever they need to know to care for Fancy rats. I also recommend taking a look at the care guide on the ECMR website.
  • What are your prices?
    Black Rexoid/Marten Line: PRODUCES: rexoids, satin rexoids, satin, dwarf, dumbo, marten, extreme markings (blazes, DWS, etc...) ​ PETS ONLY PRICING $40 each for all varieties EXCEPT for Dwarf $75 each for DWARVES ​ BREEDING RIGHTS PRICING $80 for Teddy rex, Velveteen, Double Velv. Double rex, Satin rexoids (rex, teddy, velv.), satin $60 for standard coats $60 for C-locus +$40 added to coat pricing for dwarves ​ RED Line Pricing: PRODUCES: Fawn, Beige, Russian fawn and beige, dumbo, standard coats PETS ONLY PRICING $30 each ​ BREEDING RIGHTS PRICING: $50 each ​ Harley/Silvermane Line: PRODUCES: Harley, silvermane, dumbo, black... (more to be proven) PETS ONLY PRICING $80 Each $100 for Harley + Dwarf BREEDING RIGHTS PRICING: NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ​ Mink Line: PRODUCES: AM Mink, Black, AM Cinnamon... (more to be Proven) PETS ONLY PRICING $40 BREEDING RIGHTS PRICING: NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ​ Pricing is due to change based on the quality and difficulty of each line. I may also lower prices for retired or older rats, I also offer deals on 3 or more rats. I don't charge based on sex or variety; I charge based on the difficulty of each line. I work very hard to produce the rats I do, and each variety has its own set of difficulties. Adding variety and caring for every rat cost time and money, and I make little to no profit on breeding my rats alone. If you'd like to reserve any rat I have listed, you may put down a deposit. If there is no reservation or deposit they will be adopted on a first come first serve.
  • Why Should I buy from a breeder?
    This is a challenge for most people. Nowadays, most people are too impatient to wait for exactly what they want. They get the first thing closest to what they want. Many people feel that by buying a pet store rat, they are “rescuing” the rats. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. By purchasing that rat, the pet store now has to order more rats in, which keeps the feeder breeders and breeder mills in business. If you feel uncomfortable supporting a breeder, even an ethical one, please at least research REAL rescues so breeding mills and back-yard-breeder don't profit off of these animals lives. ​ When you purchase a rat from a breeder, not only are you normally getting a healthier rat, but you are also getting a great source of lifetime information. Rats from a reputable breeder will be less prone to tumors, hormonal aggression, undesirable temperaments and other genetic issues. This will not only save you an expensive vet bill, but also saves a rat from suffering a fate that could have been avoided. Also, you can find out what is behind your new baby, what genetic issues it may be prone to. Breeder prices may also be slightly higher, but in the long run you are getting much, much more for what you pay for.
  • Do I need to buy rats in pairs? I'll be enough of a companion for my rat.
    YES!!! Rats are very social animals and need buddies to survive. A pair of rats will bond to you better than just owning a singular rat, a single rat is more prone to being depressed, stressed, and Ill. Rats need other rats, even if they stay with their owners 24/7 (which is impossible) you cannot groom them, speak to them, or play with them in the ways another rat would. If you've owned singular rats before and say "they seemed happy! They were more bonded to me than a pair of rats would" they only bonded to you out of necessity, they were forced so they could have their social needs filled, and I don't think we should have to force our pets to love us. Rats that are well-bred don't need to be forced to love humans, they just do! All my rats are socialized and have stable temperaments. I adopt all my rats out in same-sex and same-aged pairs. This is important to their development. Even if you do have rats at home, I still ONLY adopt out in pairs, this is so they don't have to quarantine alone, or go through introductions alone. Introductions can go on for MONTHS, no rat deserves to be alone that entire time. Rats should be able to express all natural behaviors and being with other rats fulfills that.
  • Can I keep rats in tanks?
    Tanks are one of the worst cages for fancy rats, not only are they usually too small, but they also don't allow proper ventilation. Rats need large cages with cross-ventilation, if they are not provided with that it can cause an upper-respiratory infection, which can and will kill your rat. Tanks also don't provide enough space to add enrichment such as hammocks and places to climb.

If there any questions you have that weren't answered by the FAQ either contact me or fill out this form to submit a question. It will be added to this FAQ page

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