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ECMR's Policies


  • All Rats MUST be adopted in same-sex pairs OR more. Only under certain circumstances may I adopt singular or different sexed pairs. This is at the discretion of Elk County Mischiefs

  • The adoption form must be filled out completely, correctly, and honestly

  • The contract is non-negotiable and must be signed before the adoption form is submitted. It is embedded in the form for ease of access

  • All rats from Elk County Mischiefs may not be sold, rehomed, or released. They must be returned to the care of Elk County Mischiefs. I will not turn down any returns no matter the circumstance, the safety, and care of ECMR Rats are of utmost importance.

  • An adoption fee is expected, this keeps my pet quality rats from being fed to reptiles.

  • If you are interested in feeders feel free to contact me, I may be able to offer some or point you in the direction of someone who can.

  • This business does not condone hate speech or discrimination of any kind. This is an LGBT+ owned business

  • Rats adopted from Elk County Mischiefs MUST receive adequate and updated care. I recommend researching care yearly and joining groups to keep tabs on what changes. Rat care 20 years ago looks a lot different than modern rat care.



Proper care includes:

      • Adequately sized cage with proper ventilation. No tanks, racks or incorrectly made bin cages.

      • unlimited access to fresh water

      • Appropriate food (lab block or homemade mix)

      • Proper bedding. No cedar, non-kiln dried pine, fleece not changed regularly, etc...

      • access to vet care

      • access to other same-sex rats

      • ability to express natural behaviors (digging, climbing, foraging, nesting, etc...)

      • proper enrichment

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